The other day, I was asked what a blog is. At first, I thought it was a joke. But as I began to explain the basics and show examples from various client blogs I contribute to, it became evident that this person really had no idea how blogging works or what its purpose is.

I can remember, as I’m sure many of you can, when blogging first became a ‘thing’. It was around the time Myspace and Friends Reunited dominated user interest. Blogging as a sort of ‘online diary’ concept began to gain popularity from 2000 onwards. In fact, famously, in 2002, the power of blogging was demonstrated by Julie Powell (also known as Julie Foster), a New Yorker who came up with ‘The Julie / Julia Project’ – a blog about cooking which in 2009 was turned into an award winning film starring Meryl Streep. Julie Powell, now (most likely) a millionaire, found out first hand how powerful and inspiring online content can be. But in recent years, it’s become useful for so much more than ‘sharing whimsical ideas’ and is a fundamental communication tool used by individuals and businesses alike.

Unfortunately, many people have failed to follow the evolution of the blog and therefore think what we do as bloggers is frivolous. And if you ever find yourself doubting just how valuable blogging (both commercially and personally) can be, take a look at some of these statistics. They’re sure to blow you away! Here is the first one:

According to one source, a company is 13 times more likely to enjoy a return on investment if blogging practises are used, and will receive a whopping 97 per cent increase in inbound links to their website when a blog is in place. In fact, all of these statistics show a significant advantage to using a blog.

Here’s another.

Another source demonstrates how customers relate to blogs, stating that 60% of customers feel more positive about a company seeing custom content on its site. We recently had a member in our exclusive Facebook group receive a response from a company she had cold-pitched to suggesting their customers don’t care if their site has up-to-date content. Wrong! Customers DO care and it is critical businesses know this.

And finally,

Brands are SMART to hire bloggers and social media managers. Why? Because content marketing (the umbrella term for this type of online marketing activity) costs 62 per cent less than traditional marketing and yet yields 3x as many leads. Blogging jobs are therefore of high value to any company.

So why am I telling you this?

Firstly, it will help you keep the haters away. But secondly, knowing just how valuable a blogging skill is can help you to confidently build a business. There is no point in your pitching a blog to a business if neither of you fully understand its purpose or benefit. And trust me, many companies have absolutely no clue what they’re missing out on. That’s where you come in.

Would you like to know how to pitch using statistics like these? Learn Freelance Writing can help. Sign up to our membership programme or download out Content Writing For Businesses course and launch your freelance blogging career in no time. I can assure you, hand on heart, that blogging is very much a real job.