If you’ve been looking for blogging jobs for a while but can’t find anything that takes your fancy, or have spent some time working on the same blogging job and feel your interest peaked a while ago, then I’ve got good news for you. There’s more to being a writer than blogging and plenty of other tasks you can be hired to do by paying clients around the world.

Here are some ideas:

Become a LinkedIn Profile Writer

Many professionals across all sectors are struggling to write their own LinkedIn profile. They lack the sales writing skills needed to show off their best side or might simply be too busy to spend time on it. That’s where you come in. Becoming an expert LinkedIn profile writer can gain you a good income and you’ll find a niche market to tap into. Some experience or knowledge about recruitment could be beneficial here, but is not critical.

Write email campaigns

Businesses large and small use email to reach out to customers. Obviously, these emails don’t just appear from nowhere. You can find tutorials on YouTube that teach you the ins and outs of email systems like MailChimp, allowing you to become proficient in writing and managing a company’s email account. This skill is highly sought after and can be very lucrative too.

Become a social media content manager

Social media plays a prominent role in our personal and professional lives, and these days, any business without a social media presence is considered archaic. Social media content writing involves posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. You won’t be writing full-length essays, but instead, thinking up catching words and hashtags to assign to images and links. You can even do it from your phone!

Learn to perfect a call-to-action

Many websites have uninspiring ‘Contact Us’ pages, instantly disengaging visitors. If you can find a way of sprucing up the copy on a Contact Us page, you can improve a business’s conversion rates and charge a tidy sum at the same time. This niche skill will be sought after by many struggling businesses and will give you some really tangible results to work with.

Write extended product descriptions

All ecommerce businesses want to rank well on Google, and one of the ways of ensuring this happens is to write key worded product descriptions against each product a company sells. Mastering this skill will mean you’re in demand. And given that product descriptions can take time to write well, with new products coming in all the time, you’re bound to receive regular, ongoing work. Remember, the value of your words is important. Costing yourself on a per-word basis can be a financial pitfall, whereas thinking about how much revenue your words can generate for a business can lead you to costing yourself more appropriately. Due to their value, product descriptions can bring in big bucks.

Blogging is fun, and there are plenty of blogging jobs out there. But don’t feel limited. You may want to try a few different writing tasks before finding one you really enjoy. Or, if you appreciate variety, you can handle multiple tasks for one client over an extended period of time. It’s up to you!

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