There’s a rumour going around that freelance writers from distant lands (especially those where the pound goes much further) are pushing freelance writing prices down by offering the cheapest rates. And there’s an even bigger rumour that all clients want the cheapest rates going in all circumstances. Consequently, hardworking writers like me and you have no choice but to offer even cheaper rates to stay competitive, causing widespread mockery throughout the entire profession.

But, I’m going to tell you something very important.

This is not true.

The nature of this job means that, yes, from time to time, you will see adverts on freelance networking sites wanting to pay writers £5 for a 5000 word article, or in some extreme cases, even less than this! And what’s alarming is that those disrespectful and utterly brazen clients will find someone to work at that rate.

But there’s a downside to their behaviour which will ultimately trip them up. They will only attract low-skilled writers who cannot deliver the highest quality content, because quality content writers don’t work for a fiver! And really, they’re doing you a favour by showing themselves to be poor quality clients. The last thing you want to do is work with someone who doesn’t know or appreciate your worth.

But it’s frustrating, I get that. The best thing we can do as content writers is to rise above it and not stoop to such a level that we are offering our services for pennies.

Here’s the good news:

Quality clients who understand business and know the worth of words will be HAPPY to pay for a job well done. 

Business owners in particular want to see tangible results. They’re not putting content out on the internet for no reason. It’s not there for decorative purposes. Content improves SEO, which drives traffic, which increases revenue and profits. Good quality content can go viral very quickly. Poor quality content gets lost in the abyss. It’s that simple.

Here’s what you can do:

Never get sucked into believing your content isn’t worth big bucks. It is.

Always stand your ground with prospective clients and don’t lose confidence and sell yourself short.

If a client can’t see your worth, run away!

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