I didn’t think anything of it when I visited my optician for an annual contact lens review. I’ve been going to the same independent optician for years and my prescription is what they call ‘unstable’ so my visits are relatively frequent.
This time was different though. As my optician scribbled down my new prescription figures, he mentioned casually that he’s attempting to get the business ‘online’. By this, he meant on Facebook.
“You could set up a blog too,” I suggested. He laughed nervously. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves”.
I realised in that moment that I had (literally) blindly walked into a potential sales pitch. This community-centric opticians needed some help! So why shouldn’t I offer him my services?

I had often seen this business mentioned on social media but not seen a social media presence belonging to them. People from around the city would remark on the incredible service they’d received yet these testimonials floated off into the abyss, unused by the business.

So, as I walked home, I orchestrated a short pitch that I’d send in via email later that day.

After about a week, I received a phone call from the optician which I had assumed was relating to my contact lens order. Nope! He was interested in my pitch and expressed a need for help. It just goes to show, you can find work anywhere and everywhere – you might be having your teeth cleaned by your dentist or your car fixed by a mechanic – businesses large and small are crying out for better content. So why aren’t you helping them?

There are several benefits to working with local businesses:

1) You can drop in regularly and gather primary content. This is convenient for the owner and more efficient for you than relying on someone else to send content ideas your way.
2) You can form a lovely relationship with your local community.
3) You’re less likely to run into difficulty obtaining payments or barriers to communication.
4) Local tradespeople TALK. Once you’ve secured one gig, word will spread and you’ll get more!
5) You’ll be contributing to your local economy’s growth and development.

Pitching to independent local businesses can be easier than pitching to large corporations / chains. Often this is because you can speak directly to the decision maker and have fewer departments to contend with.

So, the next time you’re buying a bracelet at a local gift shop, ordering flowers from the nearest florist or booking in a half-hour massage at the spa, do some homework and see if there is potential for content writing work in that space!

You’ll be surprised with how many of these businesses need your help. All you need to do is make yourself known.