Learn Freelance Writing is a comprehensive membership program that supports you in developing your own freelance writing business from scratch.

If you want the freedom of working from home, making a substantial part or full time income or if you’ve been blogging for a while and now want to take the next step into paid freelancing work then Learn Freelance Writing is for you.

Emma Rowlands – founder of Learn Freelance Writing

I am wanting to go into blogging full time rather than dipping in and out, and have wanted to freelance for years! Im so excited for Learn Freelance Writing to start. I’m sure it’ll send me well on my way to doing what I love the most

Lucie Aiston

A 9 Module Course Featuring Tons Of Useful Advice, Information, Printable Workbooks, And Checklists

Module 1

No business can succeed unless it is built on a foundation of objectives. Module 1 asks you to explore your circumstances and fill in worksheets that clarify your aims. Where do you want to see yourself? Who do you want to write for? If you’re not quite sure which direction you’re headed, module 1 is particularly insightful.

Module 2

Have you been told that freelance networking sites (often dubbed ‘content mills’) are a waste of time? We disagree. Knowing how to use these sites to your advantage can put you in the top 2% of earners even with no experience. Module 2 helps you to build your first portfolio, while navigating network sites to find clients worth keeping.

Module 3

Do freelance writers require a niche? There are advantages to specialising, but there’s equal merit in diversifying! Module 3 helps you to decide what your niche might be – and yes, you can have more than one!

Module 4

Knowing your worth is the key to successful freelancing. You’ll never reach six figures (or even four figures) if you work for pennies. Module 4 is all about money. It helps you to set your rate, understanding costing techniques and guides you through common dilemmas like overdue invoices.

Module 5

Worried that you’ll never get a sick day or paid annual leave day as a freelance writer? Don’t panic. We give you detailed guidance on your rights as a freelancer and how you can plan ahead so that a sensible work / life balance is achieved.

Module 6

We want you to work with winning clients and ditch the time wasters. But how can you spot the difference between the two? There are a number of warning signs to look out for in the early stages of the freelancer / client relationship. We teach you how to become super savvy so that you don’t spend precious hours on unprofitable clients!

Module 7

How often should you communicate with your prospects and clients? How can you best sell yourself using basic email and phone techniques? Module 7 helps you to develop excellent communication skills so that once you bag a client, they’ll stick with you for the long haul. Furthermore, this module explores communicating for different audiences so that you can diversify your writing skills.

Module 8

We aren’t the most mobile bunch, and this can make us feel a tad sluggish. Stay in tip-top shape when working from home with our guide to staying healthy. This module includes insights into the best foods for boosting brain power and maintaining a balanced social life.

Module 9

Words matter, so use them wisely. Whether you’re a budding journalist or talented copywriter, it’s important you understand your legal responsibilities. This module is an overview of these, with excellent links to a number of authority websites that can provide detailed advice.

Learn Freelance Writing Also Includes:

An exclusive Facebook group where you’ll have access to top tips, live videos and helpful articles.

A chance to talk to experts across a spectrum of industries.

Customised advice on starting your business from someone that’s already done it.

Support and advice should your business face any challenges.

Feedback on your pitches and proposals before you send them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this membership for? And who is it not for?

Learn Freelance Writing is for people who are new to freelancing. You might have no writing experience, you might have a little but aren’t sure how to take it further. It is NOT for established writers or those who aren’t serious about becoming a freelance writer.

What happens when I finish the modules?

Once you’ve completed the modules it’s time to get putting into practise everything you’ve learned! You’ll receive ongoing support in doing so, for as long as you need it.

How long until I’m an established freelance writer?

That’s up to you. The more effort you put in, the quicker you’ll achieve your goals. It’s a bit like when you buy a gym membership – having the membership is no good if you never actually go to the gym. To reach your targets, you need to do some work. The good news is, we will keep you motivated and focused (a bit like a personal trainer does) so that you stay on track!

Why don’t you oppose freelance networking sites (content mills)? Don’t they drive down prices?

They can do, and they can be disastrous if you use them incorrectly. The good thing about these sites is they help you to get started. You don’t need to stay on them forever. There’s some really decent clients using them, you just need to track them down. We can show you how.

I don’t feel like I’m a good enough writer for people to pay me. What can I do?

Welcome to the world of freelance writing! Trust me, every writer feels this way from time to time, especially at the beginning. Self doubt will only hold you back, but like any talent, if you keep practising, you’ll soon become a master of your craft and the self confidence will follow.

I have no writing experience and no portfolio. Who would hire me?

A portfolio can be built within a week, even without paying clients. We can show you how to do this. Once you have a couple of writing samples, clients will begin to hire you. From there, you’ll build your business, charge more money and become a sought after writer.

If I don’t like the course, can I cancel my membership?

Of course! Just send us an email. We only ask that you give us a bit of feedback so that we can constantly strive to improve our services.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

Nope! Complete the course in your own time, there’s no hurry. But please remember that the more time you invest into this, the better the outcome is likely to be.

I want to be a fiction writer / screen writer / poet, can I join?

We admire your passion for creative writing, but this probably isn’t the place for you if you’re hoping to publish a book of haikus at the end. However, if you’d like to try copywriting or blogging as a side gig, you’ll be in good company here.

How much money can I earn as a freelance writer?

There’s really no limit, but it depends on many different factors. Pricing yourself appropriately, finding clients that pay well and discovering ongoing gigs is a start. There’s other considerations too, like your schedule and level of commitment. We explore pricing and scheduling in the course.