There’s one anxiety-packed question frequently asked by freelancers: Will I have any work next month?

While at the very beginning of our careers, scrambling for the odd job here and there can be the norm (unless you get lucky), there comes a time when every freelancer who’s serious about his or her career needs to learn how to generate repeat income from the same set of clients. Why spend all your time convincing new clients to take you on, when you have a client base you can upsell extra work to?

Here’s an example:

I was once hired to write a single blog post for a recruitment company. I noticed their blog was kind of lacking in content, and I recognised they were time-limited because they were outsourcing a blogging job to me. So, I wrote the blog post and submitted it, but also took one extra step. While submitting the work, I put forward a brief proposal for the next six or seven weeks worth of blog postings. Now, the worst case scenario would be the client saying they didn’t need them, or couldn’t afford them. But the best case scenario was that they’d approve the titles, notice my assertiveness and hire me for the work. The result? I generated a whole month’s income for myself and developed a longer lasting relationship with the client, which in turn meant that future work would be allocated my way.

It is not difficult to generate a monthly income for yourself freelance writing. The first step is simply asking your existing clients if they’re interested in your proposal.

And it doesn’t need to stop at blog posts, either. Take a look around your client’s website. Is anything out-of-date or dysfunctional? Could the wording be improved? If so, pitch a web content job to that client and see what they say! Or, if you know they send newsletters to their customers, would they like you to take on this job to save them time? There are many ways you can upsell to your existing clients!

So, here’s a task. No matter where you are in your freelancing career – whether you have one client or ten, make a list of each and think about how you can upsell to that client for repeat work. Include clients you’ve completed work for in the past, and get back in touch with them. There is additional money locked inside these existing jobs – you just need to find a way of teasing it out.

Even if your clients say no, at least you’re on their radar if they ever change their minds. With the knowledge that you’re available for extra work, they may also refer you to a business colleague!

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