Being comfortable with writing across a spectrum of niches is a trait many writers find an asset. After all, the more topics you are able to write about, the wider your prospective client options are.

While there may potentially be one or two disadvantages to being too much of a generalist, there are also a TON of advantages which can give your business a fantastic foundation.

Earlier, I uploaded a video into our private, exclusive members Facebook group where I discussed some of the most random article topics I was asked to write about at the start of my career. Some were hilariously creative, others were scarily technical. The point is, I gave it a bash and managed to add a huge collection of diverse articles to my portfolio that have served me well since.

So why it is important to do this? How will it benefit your business?

Let me explain:

  1. It makes future pitching easier. Whenever I come across a blogging job I know I’d love, I can almost always find an article hidden within my vast collection that will fall in line with the subject matter the prospective client is looking for. This makes pitching far more precise and gives me a better chance of getting a job than someone with only one or two niches in their portfolios. Therefore, if you’re still building your business, I recommend laying your foundation with a pile of useful, diverse and interesting articles that can be dug out at a later date when needed.
  2. It expands general knowledge. Learning new information is a lot of fun, and there’s no better way (in my opinion) to learn new facts than to write an article about them. Challenging yourself to research and write-up a topic you’re totally unfamiliar with is highly rewarding and brilliant for your personal and professional development. Furthermore, you may discover a niche you didn’t even know you enjoy, and decide to focus on that going forward!
  3. It’s good writing practise. If you’re new to freelance writing, there’s only ever something to gain from practising your writing. Even if you write an article that you never use or read again, the process of writing it has been beneficial to your expanding skillset. Each time you write anything, you become a better writer. So keep it up!

So which niche’s need writers?

The answer to this is – all of them. Every single business out there needs a blog and every magazine and website requires content writers and journalists. Niches might include beauty, fashion, politics, food, the environment or parenting. Within that, there are thousands of sub-categories to explore. For example, in our Facebook group we recently examined a couple of job openings – one was to write for a LGBT parenting site, another to write about tree shaped air fresheners and the third to write about cordless hair stylers. Do you see what I mean? When it comes to freelance writing, your job needn’t ever be boring or repetitive.

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What do you have to lose?