You might be asking yourself – there are so many freelance writers out there, how do I stand out from my competition? Why didn’t I get selected for a freelance writing job when I know I would have been perfect? How can I get noticed?

The great thing about freelancing in general is that increasing numbers of businesses and publications are hiring freelancers to complete one off or long term tasks. The bad news is, there’s an ocean freelancers to choose from, and you’re only one of them.

But even with limited experience, you can make sure you’re noticed and taken seriously by a prospective client. Here’s what they’re looking for:


Sure, there’s plenty of choice out there. But so few freelancers are completely reliable. Deadlines are frequently missed, messages are ignored and clients can be left feeling like they’ve made a huge mistake. By remaining totally reliable and always delivering high quality work in a timely manner, you will already be one step ahead of most of your competition.


Made a mistake? Misunderstood a brief? Forgotten to do something? Don’t panic. Own up, communicate the problem and suggest a solution. Your client won’t end their relationship with you just because there’s been a minor slip. The worst thing you can do is lie, cover it up or blame it on someone else. As long as you’re honest, you’ll be in your client’s good books.

An ability to accept feedback

Sometimes your client will send work back to you and ask for a re-write. Some will even make their own edits and give you feedback about why the piece hasn’t worked. This is ok! Take it on the chin and learn from the experience. Don’t be defensive or take it to heart. The best thing you can do in this situation is accept that the work wasn’t up to expectation and remember the feedback for next time.

A passion for your craft

When you take pride in your work and feel passionate about writing, it’ll shine through. Good clients aren’t interested in working with freelance writers who are only in it for the cash. Neither do they want to see lifeless, churned out content. What they want is spirit and dedication. Whether it’s at the pitching or payment stage, always be enthusiastic, positive and show the client you’re engaged in the process. This will set you apart from the vast majority of other freelance writers, especially if you’re prospecting on freelance networking sites.

Insights and suggestions

Even some of the most experienced freelance writers forget to do this. If you’ve completed a blog post, an article or some web copy for a client, don’t just leave it there. Make another suggestion! Would they benefit from an e-book? Should they increase their social media presence? Would another page of their website look better if written another way? Explore new avenues with the client – this will show them you care about their business, and guarantee you ongoing work.

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