Now that Christmas is almost here, I want to share with you the benefits of freelancing during the festive period and who might need freelance writers during this time.

But before I go on, let me draw your attention to some facts about this time of year.

So what does that have to do with freelance writing? Well, it tells you that businesses are in full swing at this time of year, and every business requires a content writer. Why? Because content writers keep a business’s blog, social media presence and general marketing content fresh, engaging and relatable. The result? More sales!

So there’s the answer. One great way of making money from freelance writing at Christmas is to target the busiest businesses you can think of.

Here’s some businesses that are particularly hectic during the festive season:

  • Your local butcher and fish monger
  • Gift shops
  • Gift ecommerce sites
  • Any retailer that sells children’s clothing, toys, gadgets or furniture
  • Clothing retailers
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Charities
  • Greengrocers
  • Book stores
  • Niche businesses that sell special interest products

So what’s the first step?

You can look for work with these businesses locally or online, and you can even work with overseas clients seeing as Christmas tends to be a big deal in many countries around the world.

Here’s my top tips on getting started:

  1. Start by looking for small to medium sized local businesses. Ask the manager if they require any content for promotional material, social media, their blog etc. If the manager expresses interest, ask them some insightful questions like, who is your target market? Do you have any offers or deals I should know about? How would you like to come across? The manager will appreciate that you’re taking an interest in the business, not just looking for cash.
  2. Take to freelance networking sites (which attract international clients) and refine your search so that particular key words are located in the job ads. For example, you might search for ‘gift company’ or ‘product descriptions’. This way you won’t need to wade through a thousand ads before finding the right job.
  3. Focus on businesses rather than individuals. Working for an individual might be less reliable at this time of year.
  4. Show prospects what you can do. Send in a sample piece for them to read, or show them your portfolio if you have one.
  5. Emphasise the benefits that businesses are bound to experience by improving their content. Use trigger words like ‘increased sales’, ‘better online engagement’, ‘increased website traffic’. Don’t just talk about how great you are, show them that if they hire you, their business will have a fantastic fourth quarter.

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